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Small cheap and good part II

http://youtu.be/7SvwsRM1RKs What started as a search for a super cheap camera that I could get workable images from, that I wouldn’t be out thousands of dollars if it took a spill on vacation.  One that after I was done I could flip and write off the cost as a rental fee, has turned into a […]

Small cheap and good?

Over the past month my wife and I have been planning a vacation for our upcoming 10th anniversary. Well besides the trip to the ocean for a few days we planned a day on a deep sea fishing charter. I thought cool it gives me a chance to grab some once in a lifetime shots […]

Gain a creative edge by working light

While its tempting to bring every piece of gear you own on a shoot, it is also very restricting creativity. Yeah I am a gear addict and if I spent the money on equipment I’m going to be damned sure to use it. I’m from the school of thought that if you have it use […]

Time to focus

Last week I as I turned another year older and officially hit my mid 30’s, I started to realize that with life it’s easy to loose focus on what your dreams and goals. Now I’m on a personal quest to streamline and get on track with my and my family’s goals. That kinda brings me […]

Finding a story where you least expect it.

The last few months on my long drive home from work I’ve switched from listening to my iPod and music to sports radio. I’m probably one of the least sporty people you will meet outside of a couple games a year. I just wanted to break up the monotony of the drive home. One of […]

New Year, New Perspectives.

Now that 2013 has come and gone now is the time to start looking towards the future and how to change or reinvent ourselves for the up coming year. For me 2013 was full of ups and downs creatively, professionally, and personally. I want to thank everyone that has helped get me to 2014 and […]

5 Reasons to Give Final Cut Pro X Another Look

When Final Cut Pro X was released 2 years ago it was blasted by media media professionals to Conan. It was a drastic change of interface that most editors weren’t used to, and was missing several key features. Editors are a breed that is set I their ways, and when you mess with the orgaizing […]

15mm Rail System on a Budget

If you shoot video you will notice how quickly that you need a mounting system for your accessories. Even more quickly with the Black Magic Cinema Camera, or DSLR. The 15mm standard for video accessories is the sturdiest way to mount a matte box, follow focus, or other bits of gear. One thing you may […]

It’s alive…It’s alive…

It’s been reported that Kodak will be out of bankruptcy in 2013. If you have been paying attention, Kodak filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2012. Which had many people worried including myself. Kodak has been producing film for the motion picture, and photography industry for over a century. It made me shudder to think […]