5 Reasons to Give Final Cut Pro X Another Look

When Final Cut Pro X was released 2 years ago it was blasted by media media professionals to Conan. It was a drastic change of interface that most editors weren’t used to, and was missing several key features. Editors are a breed that is set I their ways, and when you mess with the orgaizing system or interface they get pissed. everyone started wondering if apple abandoned the pro user.
Honestly my first impressions were an interesting interface. I used for a couple of things, but I was ultimately put off. I made the switch to using Adobe Premiere cs5.5 and cs6, and on occasion media composer.
Back in December I finally decided to do the update to 10.0.7, and take another look. The update to 10.0.6 made fcpx a different beast. I started using Final Cut Pro X more and more, to the point it became my goto NLE of choice.

Now that Apple is clearly targeting pros and, all those who don’t like the idea of Adobe’s subscription only creative cloud model are starting to shop new edit systems, I think FCPX is worth a second look and here’s why.

#1. Price.
Wether you are a student starting out or a seasoned pro, or a production house, the bottom line is what matters. FCPX is one of the least expensive professional editing solutions out there. Not only does it natively edit footage from just about any camera source, but at $299, it undercuts the competition by nearly half.

#2. Speed
Final Cut Pro X is extremely quick for throwing an edit together fast. Even on a 2 year old base 13inch MacBook Pro I can do basic color grading with a few effects, add traditions and titles without needing to render to playback smoothly. That kind of speed is tough to beat.

#3. Easy to Use
A lot of people made fun of the new interface in fcpx when it came out. After using it for a bit it seems more intuitive wether you are a seasoned editor or just getting started. All the tools are easy to find and use.

#4. Powerful
Not only is it cheap, fast, and easy, Final Cut Pro x is quite powerful. Yes I’m repeating the real time aspect of the software, but now they support red raw footage and Arri Alexa. That’s a pretty big deal since that means Apple is taking the Pro in Final Cut Pro x very seriously.

#5. It’s Not Subscription Only
Well this is a given. I want to buy my software and update when I see fit not upgrade every time I look around. Plus I don’t like the idea after completing a project and switch to different editing software I don’t want to have to spend another $50 in order to view the project files. On some ways it makes sense but over all it doesn’t suit me.

I could go on for days giving reasons to check out Final Cut Pro X, but truth be told no one tool is perfect for every job and there are flaws and benefits to every system. It’s best to know and understand that. That’s why every professional editor will like one but know and used every major edit software. Plus you never know what system you will encounter working with different clients or projects.

That said I personally since originally starting to write this have switched fully to Final Cut Pro and I haven’t looked back. It suits my work perfectly.

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