Rates / Bio


Rate Information:


All production and photography rates are negotiable based on services needed.


One on one training sessions are based on an hourly rate, with a minimum of one hour charge.


There will be a modest travel fee for non-local work, special discounts available for extended work.


Contact me for more information.


About me:


Emerging, not new…


Based out of Tallahassee, Florida, my background is in film and video production.  From there I started photography, but never left filmmaking behind.I have been pretty lucky to be able to pursue my love of photography and filmmaking over the last ten years.  It has taken on many journeys, and taught me many lessons.


I love the cameras involved and the technology of both stills and motion photography.   Having worked with many brands including Cannon, Nikkon, Panasonic, Sony, Arri, even Panavision.   I have experience with many formats from 8 mm film, Super 16 mm,  35 mm stills and motion picture.  That isn’t even touching the digital, and HD formats.   I have held positions varying from camera operator, editor, and photographer, even running a successful photo-processing lab.  No matter the work, I try to take a lesson from every job I do.


My work as an editor has influenced my streamlined approach, and workflow. Being an editor also taught me how to fix and avoid the many perils that happen in the field. My time as a photographer, and camera operator, has given me an eye for capturing the specific look someone has envisioned. Running a photo lab granted me the ability to work within tight budget and time constraints.  Another lesson from running a business was how to expose people to, and grasp new ideas.


I have worked with many big name people and companies  including the BBC, CareeerTV.net, Ed McMahon’s Next Big Star, Gatorland, Kraft Foods, “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan.  I also have had my photography in media outlets such as the Orlando Sentinel.  Even so, I feel no job is too small.   Every project I have worked on, large or small, has influenced me.  This is my passion, and nothing can stand up to the quality delivered by someone who is driven by the love of the work.  That I can deliver with a guarantee.


With filmmaking changing, I’m ready to emerge on the front lines of the digital revolution. Leading with the experience to deliver results, and the will to share it.