Finding a story where you least expect it.

The last few months on my long drive home from work I’ve switched from listening to my iPod and music to sports radio. I’m probably one of the least sporty people you will meet outside of a couple games a year. I just wanted to break up the monotony of the drive home. One of these nights I heard a interesting statement from one of the analysts. The way the football game narrative plays out.

Now narrative and sports don’t usually cross paths too often, in my mind at least. Until it clicked when I was watching the final BCS college football championship with Florida State and Auburn. During that game when I was swearing at the TV it made sense. The roller coaster of emotions that come out in a sporting event. You have your underdog, the shinning star. Sometimes you have David and Goliath, others will be a battle of will. You have all your villains and heroes. You have miracles and upsets. It started to sound an awful lot like a story to me.

I get exactly what was meant by the narrative of the game. The way a game can parallel a great story. It made me look at the game as a great way to drive your story. It also made me realize that by changing your routine going outside your comfort zone you can get a fresh outlook and maybe some inspiration.

Fast forward to last Monday nights final BCS college football championship with Florida State vs. Auburn. This game in particular

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