Gain a creative edge by working light

While its tempting to bring every piece of gear you own on a shoot, it is also very restricting creativity. Yeah I am a gear addict and if I spent the money on equipment I’m going to be damned sure to use it. I’m from the school of thought that if you have it use it. I was taught to bring what tools you need and a few for just in case. That way of thinking really ended up hurting me in More ways than one.
First of all you find yourself forcing a situation that may not fit what you need to shoot, cause you need to use what you have. Not only do you waste time by forcing yourself to use that one new lens that doest fit the mood or the situation, you risk the chance of missing that once in a lifetime shoot. What happens if you go light and leave that 1000mm lens and you feel you can’t get that shot? Im not saying ditch everything, most situations be all solved by going through and planning. If you aren’t shooting wildlife or a sorting event you probably won’t use that 1000mm lens very much. Actually since I’ve started shooting with 3 main lenses, camera, and slider, I have come up with creative ways to frame a shot, and made my footage more dynamic.
I have also found out when going out for a test shoot fully rigged, I tended to gather a lot more attention. When you are shooting your kids having fun on the playground it kinda sucks being told to leave cause they think you are there shooting without permission. Yes I made that rookie mistake. Sometimes its better to be invisible shooting.
Since starting limiting myself to a small kit, i have found that it has made a huge impact on my work. I’ve gone from submitting my work to many stock footage agencies, to the agencies coming to me. That’s a very great feeling having someone actually want your work, not just we’ll take it.
Photography and videography is back breaking work. Why make it harder by lugging 50 pounds of gear around by yourself? You should challenge yourself not kill yourself bringing your entire studio with you.

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