Investing In the Future, and Your Gear

I know this is an odd topic talking about the future on the day the end of the world, but just in case it doesn’t hurt to be prepared. Just in case you weren’t noticing as filmmakers, and photographers the technology of our craft is evolving over night. 4k is pretty much going to be […]

Welcome to The New

Now that the dust has settled, and all features have been tested, welcome to the full redesigned Hopefully the new features like my recent work section, and blog will be easier to find and follow. This is hopefully to make it easier for both my clients and visitors to find what they are looking […]

Kodak Down but Not Out

Earlier this week Kodak announced some exciting news especially for those of you that still want to be a true “filmmaker”. They made the announcement that they are making a new super 8mm film stock.  This is pretty big news considering that Fuji has announced that they are discontinuing their motion picture line.  Ive used […]

The Truth about 4k

What the? I just bought my dslr to shoot HD and its worthless now? Since the announcement of the Canon 1DC, the C500, and the blackmagic design camera, there seems to be a lot of attention on 4K video. With all this attention theres bound to be a lot of talk on the impending death […]

Tascam DR100 mkII Test and Review

Tascam has updated a recorder found in many of prominent dslr filmmakers, the DR-100 mkii. Some of the changes are not a visible as some but trust me this is closer to the tool many of us has been clamoring for. I can safely say this is now a professional tool on a budget. The […]

Square Peg, Round Hole

There is nothing more frustrating than using a knife as a screwdriver. Don’t laugh we have all done it at least once. When you use the proper tools it makes a world of difference. Same goes for choosing a camera. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen someone go out and spend […]

Pardon the dust

Pardon the dust at the moment. Due to issues with my server, I’m giving my site a much needed overhaul. The result will be a much more feature rich site that is easy to navigate for both clients and readers of my blog. So sorry for the temporary chaos. Once the dust is settled you […]