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  1. FerchOnee January 24, 2013 at 6:28 pm // Reply

    The only interchangeable lens cramea that is designed primarily as a video cramea is the Panasonic GH2, hardly cheap, but currently it is the cramea of choice for Indie film makers, high bit rates and 24p for the film look out of the box.You can use all your canon lenses on it and lots more besides including lenses designed for TV and film crameas. In fact you can use most any lens as the lens to sensor distance is so short lenses for compact 35mm (Leica) 35mm film crameas (Angenieux, probably the best film lenses ever made).A lot is made of the large sensor on the Canon 5D, but, other than the (extremely) narrow depth of field, everything else is negative as you have to use compression to get the size of each frame down to around 2Mb for video which adds noise and artefact’s, rolling shutter (jello), mud when panning and moire. Smaller sensors give a much cleaner image especially in low light. The sensor in GH2 almost exactly matches Super 35mm format for size, so you get the DOF they did.They are hackable which means you can easily raise the bitrate, I currently use 44Mb/s and get superb detail. You can go further than this, but it eats up memory cards as video files get huge. These files look stunning when projected onto 40ft cinema screens.Canon suffer from overheating when used as video crameas and stop working til they have cooled down, not so the GH2, there is no limit on clip length with the NTSC modes and the limit in the EEC (for licensing reasons) can be removed with the same hack.This time next year it will be different, but currently the GH2 is by far the best for video.Chris


    • thenetfilmmaker January 25, 2013 at 1:19 pm // Reply

      Yes depending on your aesthetic, the gh2 is an amazing for video. There is a few things that hold it back though, build quality is a major one that keeps is out of the rigors of professional production. The need to hack it to bring it to its full potential, and you cant insure a hacked camera is a another reason. The gh3 shows promise, but time will tell. I love the micro 4/3rds format, but the wide angles are more difficult to get, the main reason canon won everyone over is the field of view from the vistavision sized sensor of the 5d. Sharpness and pixel peeping aren’t the only things important to vide. All dslr’s have their roles in the professional world, and the future is really bright for all video equipped cameras.


    • Anton November 12, 2013 at 12:04 pm // Reply

      sounds great TK! I like the Top Boost. What does that sound like in comparison to your Satriani pedal? Shouldnt they sound ptrtey close? Do you think the Top Boost really sounds like a Vox? And I thankyou for using active EMGs. So many people have them at least have one or two guitars with them it helps for us to hear what it would sound like for us. Can you do a Recto module? I want to know what you think about the modules too. Its ok to post your opinion! since you are TK!


  2. Dhe July 1, 2015 at 10:08 pm // Reply

    tehsimo I can’t help but smile at that comment. One of the tghnis people have been asking for about 1 year is mic’d cabs. It’s funny the very first video that gets mic’d someone suggests the camera audio Here are the facts the way I see it. Personally, I think the camera picks up audio the way your ears do, so I DO agree with you. No one puts their ears up to a speaker cabinet, so why should we mic it? But, it does cut down on the background hum hiss. Thanks man!!


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