The most important thing I’ve learned from shooting stock footage.

My latest work that I’ve been involved with lately has been shooting stock footage and broll. The more I’ve done the more I get into it. It’s a great way to have your work professionally critiqued from someone that isn’t a web troll. It’s also a way to get a very important fact hammered into even the thickest of skulls, Content is key. Nothing else matters. Not your camera , your lenses, not even your super fancy expensive rig.

Sure quality matters and it doesn’t hurt to have nice equipment, but if you have footage of something unique that nobody else can do it will sell. If you get something special that isn’t easy for anyone with a camera to get it will be needed. The best example I can give you. My most sold clip on any of the sites that I submit to wasnt shot on a red, or a canon c300, not even a black magic, it was shot on my dslr. My canon 60d with the kit lens of all things to be exact.

The key point to producing stock footage or any kind of production your tools don’t always matter, it’s your content. That’s not saying that anyone with a camera can make stock footage it takes some skill and hard work. Just don’t feel intimidated by your gear is you are getting started. Leave all the gear hoarding to someone else and just go shoot.

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